Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Three Dynamic Breeds of Successful Poultry Farming

There are many productive poultry breeds available around the world. Some are famous for meat production, some for egg production while others are popular for both meat and egg production. There are three types of poultry breed that we have described below.

1. Layers - Egg Productive Poultry Breeds

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The chickens that are for egg production are called layers chickens. These chicken start laying eggs at the age of five to six months. They lay approximately 270 to 300 eggs per year. Some chickens even lay 350 eggs per year. Some highly productive breeds are minorca, leghorn, ancona, isa brown, fayoumi, lohmann, etc.

Here are some characteristics of Layers
  • Weights less than other poultry breeds.
  • Gain sexual maturity in early age.
  • Start laying eggs at five to six month of age.
  • Food to egg Converting efficiency is very high.
  • Contain less fat in their body. 
  • Lay big sized eggs.
  • Egg producing power is very high.

2. Broilers - Meat Productive Poultry Breeds 

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This breed of poultry chicken are used for only meat production. Their meat is soft and tasty. They weighs about 2 to 2.5 kg at the age of 8 weeks by consuming 4 kg of food and become fit for sale in the market. The world's most popular broiler poultry breed are plymouth rock, starbro, sussex, cornish, etc.

Here are some characteristics of Broilers
  • Weighs more than other poultry breeds.
  • Food to meat converting efficiency is very high.
  • Grow very fast.
  • Don’t incubate their eggs.
  • Contain much fat in their body.
  • Egg producing power is very low.
  • They become very big sized.

3. Breeder - Dual-Purpose Poultry Breeds

Source: Internet

This breed is first egg production and then for meat consumption. Some popular breeder poultry breeds are australorp, new hampshire, rhode. Characteristics of breeders are mentioned below;
  • Weight high.
  • This are of medium sized.
  • They may have trend for hatching eggs.
  • They contain proper ratio of fat in their body.
  • Lay less eggs than egg productive breeds.
  • Grows very well.
  • Gain maturity very fast.

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