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Types of Poultry Diseases

There are various types of poultry diseases that can cause serious loss to your poultry farming business. These Diseases occurs because of lack of proper management and care, inadequate nutritious and many other factors. These diseases are defined as ‘changes in general or usual physical condition’. All type of animals can be affected by various kind of disease in their lifetime. Without the exception, poultry birds also get affected by numerous diseases. For establishing a profitable commercial farm or to raise a few poultry birds in your backyard, you must have to keep your birds free from all types of diseases. Poultry producers faces various problems when they establish a new poultry farming business such as lack of capital, housing, location, food management, diseases etc. Among these problems, poultry diseases are most important to consider. Such diseases can cause huge loss to your business as meat and egg production of poultry can suddenly decrease due to various types of diseases.

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The major type of poultry diseases are explained below:

Contagious Diseases:  Such diseases are spread from affected birds to healthy birds by the medium of air. They are of 3 types, which are described below.
·         Viral Disease: This types of diseases are caused when the bird is affected by virus. Chicken pox, newcastle,  mareksgumboro, duck plague etc. are viral poultry diseases.
·         Bacterial Diseases: These diseases are caused when the bird is affected by bacteria are known as bacterial diseases. Pullorum, Cholera etc. are some poultry bacterial diseases.
·         Fungul Diseases: These types of diseases are caused when the bird is affected by fungus. Fevus, spargilosis, micotoxicosis, thrash, etc. are poultry fungul diseases.

Parasitic Diseases: Those organisms who live in other organism’s body are called parasites. Such organism creates some diseases which are called parasitic diseases. Colibesilosis, micoplasmosis, coccidiosis, steptocackich, espegilosis, steptocackich, worms, lice etc. are poultry parasitic diseases.
Malnutritious Diseases: Such diseases occur when you don’t feed your birds well balanced and nutritious food. They are of two types.
·         Vitamin Deficiency Diseases
·         Mineral Deficiency Diseases

The poultry birds also get affected by some other miscellaneous diseases like cannibalismegg bound etc. Although cannibalism and egg bound are not specifically poultry diseases.

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